Million Dollar Man

As we gathered for another priceless birthday celebration today at Ben Taub, I continue to learn from my patient. He told me that he was turning 17 today as we laughed knowing well enough that he was clearly a few decades off. But it made me realize that perhaps we all yearn to be young again and to get a sense of belonging. He told me he worked at Shamrock Hilton and how he used to rent a horse for $3.20 to ride across the woods to a place called Ben Taub. I learned about a part of Houston long forgotten and clearly not on Wikipedia. I asked him if he played the lottery and to pick a number between 1-8. It is my final closure of the birthday celebration  to give a patient a hug. However, there were 8 of us and the number he picked would be the number of person he would receive a hug from. He picked  8 and laughed when I told him he had won the lottery. However, it was his response that brought tears to our eyes. He said doc I win a million dollars every single day when I get out of bed. It's just a blessing to be here. I suddenly realized how poor I had been in my thought and how lucky I was to have met the million dollar man❤️.

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