A journey of a 1000 birthdays begins with…

How can one really capture the raw emotions of an individual moment in time? Words and phrases are but an individual’s perception of an event, clouded by preconcieved nature vs nurture moments. It is impossible. Having had the privilege and honor of being part of this journey, I will try to humbly express my viewpoint. I will start with our bookend birthdays. Imagine a mom holding a baby, for they now share a birthday with mom having delivered her bundle of joy a few hours earlier as we sing happy birthday at the bedside grinning ear to ear. Now imagine a family waiting to disconnect the ventilator on their loved one hoping for that last birthday as we ask permission and with heavy heart sing a last happy birthday with twin waterfalls on our faces overwhelmed with sorrow unable to find the answers to “why the $@&€ is life so unfair?!”

And yet, here we are. A thousand birthdays later looking at a man with metastatic terminal cancer who is full of life. Why is he somehow our 1000 birthday celebration? He is smiling away and telling us how we should pose for pictures! I was upset earlier that Starbucks screwed up my coffee order again and yet life lessons come with an extra dose of sweetener I did not order, but clearly needed. So thank you Dagoberto Rodriguez for reminding us that we belong to each other and that doctors are humans and need patients to survive more than we ever imagined. May you constantly be our Bono doppelgänger in singing to the tune of “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. But in the end, perhaps a journey of our 1000 birthday celebration begins with the fact that what we are looking for is right in front of us.

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